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مشاهده در ایتا
Imam Ali(ph) Accept your brother's apology, and even if he has no excuse, you bring him an excuse. Bahar Al-Anwar, c 74, p. 165 @ToobaMediaFA
Dear Prophet of Islam(ph) The wisest man is he who adds other's knowledge to his knowledge. @ToobaMediaFA
Imam Mohammad Baqir(ph) No servant is a scholar unless he does not envy the superior (over himself) and does not degrade the inferior (than himself) Tohaf-al-oghol @ToobaMediaFA
Imam Ali(ph) Relate with people in a manner that if you die they will cry upon you and if you be alive they will love you. Nahj al-Balaghah, 10 @ToobaMediaFA
Imam Reza(ah) Whoever does not oppress people in connection with them, does not lie to them in his words, and does not break his promises, thus the chivalry of such a person is complete and his justice is obvious. Uyun Akhbar al-Reza, Volume 2, Page 30 @ToobaMediaFA
Imam Reza(ah) Anyone pursuing his goals honestly does not slip up and if he does, he can seek a way out. baharo.Al.Anvar Volume 78, Page 356 @ToobaMediaFA
Imam Reza(ah) The heart of who attends a gathering held for the revival of our doctrines, shall not die on the day when hearts die. baharo.Al.Anvar Volume 49, Page 90 @ToobaMediaFA
Imam Reza(ah) A servant would not perfect the reality of faith at all except that he has three qualities: reflecting about religion, well planning in life, being patient with calamities. baharo.Al.Anvar Volume 78, Page 339 @ToobaMediaFA
Imam Reza(ah) He who is pleased with the little daily bread bestowed to him from Allah, Allah is satisfied with his tiny deeds. baharo Al Anvar Volume 75, Page 349 @ToobaMediaFA
Imam al-Sadiq (as) said: Meaning of Good morals: Be gentle and kind, your speech should be pure and polite, and treat your brother with kindness. @ToobaMediaFA
Imam al-Sadiq (as) said: Shall I tell you about Noble Manners? They are forgiving people, sympathizing one another with money, and the repeated remembrance of Allah. @ToobaMediaFA